Blockchain Infrastructure for Global Health

Unexia is building a decentralized platform to meet the health challenges of the 21st Century

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Health in the 21st Century Needs an Upgrade

Since the creation of the Millennium Development Goals, humanity has made huge progress against problems like HIV, TB and Malaria.

Today, the burden of disease is changing. The health challenges of the 21st Century are complex and interconnected: chronic disease; mental health; antimicrobial resistance; ageing populations; pandemics; climate change and more.

The solutions to these era-defining problems lie beyond the remit of our global health institutions alone.

At the same time, traditional sources of funding for these institutions have stalled, as governments have grappled with financial crises, geopolitical competition, and the aftermath of COVID19.

We can build a healthy environment for people and planet. But we urgently need new streams of finance, and new ways to collaborate and coordinate our action. The health of the world depends on it.

Web3 + Blockchain Can Shape the Future

Decentralized technologies have enormous potential to create a new class of public goods. Unexia will support emerging web3 innovations to nurture a vibrant ecosystem of dApps for health.

Decentralized Finance

Defi - Decentralized finance

Decentralized Giving

Dephi - decentralized giving

Impact Verification

transparent tools for impact measurement

Markets for Prevention and Salutogenisis

Creating Markets for prevention & salutogenisis

carbon neutral technology

carbon neutral blockchain technology

Distributive Mechanisms for Health Equity

distributive mechanisms for health equity

Quadratic Voting

Quadratic voting FOR public goods

Equal Voice and Participation

Governance With Democracy + Voice by design

A Blockchain Built for Global Health

Unexia will be the world's first blockchain platform built for global health governance

Everyone gets a voice in network decisions

Equity: Non-monopoly and redistributive mechanisms

Transparency: See where network resources are going at any time

Sustainability: Network built on carbon neutral technology



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